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  • Content Wars (Part 1)

    Welcome to the first of a series of posts that will look at the ongoing streaming content wars. Here, we’re referring to the battle between various streaming services. Both Netflix and Amazon have highly popular streaming platforms with a plethora of licensed, purchased, and original content. Recently, we’ve also seen a few new names emerge, […]

  • Content Publishing in China

    In recent years, the Chinese government’s stance on copyrights has changed. They have introduced a series of new laws – or amendments to existing laws – that clamp down on copyright protection.

  • The Variable Cost of Celebrity Talent

    Ever wonder how certain acts can command astronomical talent fees, yet someone more talented gets paid pennies on the dollar? Or how one DJ can get paid $100k, while a band of 5 gets paid a fraction the amount?

  • The How to Guide in doing Concerts in China

    In order to organize a successful gig, event or festival in China — and all of Asia to a lesser extent — you need to embrace two concepts. Experience and Localization.

  • How Bad Headliners Can Ruin a Music Festival

    The headliner is the anchor of your festival — the main reason other acts sign up to perform (usually for a reduced fee if not free). It is what will draw more curiosity to your festival and make people delve down deeper into the other acts.